Lake Victoria was once home to a bustling ferry service that provided economic connectivity between Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. At one time 30% of the Ugandan economy was centered around and dependant on a sound ferry system. In contrast, today Lake Victoria has almost no ferry service, the existing ferries are very old and slow, and there is a tremendous need for new ferry service. The collapse of water transportation over the years has resulted in less and less economic life around the lake.
Today, it is estimated that at least 1,600 people move from Kampala, Uganda to Mwanza, Tanzania on a daily basis. For most of these travelers, the only transport option available for this trip is a grueling, multi-country, bus trip on deteriorating roads that can take two days to complete. Connection between the other cities around the lake is equally problematic. There is a great need to offer passengers like this a safe and fast passage across the lake. EarthWise Ventures, Inc. is responding to the above needs by gathering together a consortium of African and American companies in a joint venture to launch a boat manufacturing company in Kampala, Uganda, and bringing ferry service back to Lake Victoria.