EarthWise Ventures serves Africa through its investment in companies that will create both jobs and services, particularly investments tied to rebuilding the African infrastructure. Such investments improve, (and in some cases create) economic corridors that encourage other ventures to be birthed, grow and prosper. Return on investment is found both in financial profitability, as well as the collateral benefits of social and economic development. We believe that the best return on investment in all areas will realized in the rebuilding of the transport and agricultural sectors*, and that our goals can be accomplished while exercising environmental responsibility.


EarthWise Ventures primary strategy leveraging the acquisition and management of neglected and/or mismanaged entities with large economic footprints in their communities, and whose success has the potential to rejuvenate the local economy surrounding them. Our goals is that each venture impact its local community by both directly creating jobs, and by the creation of collateral jobs, through suppliers of goods and services to the company and to the company’s workers & their families This “multiplier” effect ripples through the community, spurring exponential growth in the local economy.


The Lake Victoria Ferry Project is an example of one such venture. In cooperation with other companies with compatible visions, EarthWise Ventures is working to achieve the above goals through the reestablishment of transport systems on Lake Victoria. Due to neglect and mismanagement, the ferry system serving Lake Victoria has virtually disappeared in the last decade. As rail and ferry systems collapsed, so did the economies of the towns that previously served the rail/ferry corridor. Goods previously transported by water and rail now are moved primarily by trucks travelling on poorly-maintained roads. Sadly, the increased road traffic has further deteriorated the road system, making such transportation more expensive and hazardous. Investment in the ferry system on Lake Victoria will create a win for both investors, and for Africa.